Newton 806 CWC (Cold Wall Coating) Condensation Damp Treatment

Newton 806 CWC (Cold Wall Coating) Condensation Damp Treatment

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Anti-Mould and Anti-Condensation Paint For Cold and Poorly Insulated Surfaces

Newton 806 CWC is a white anti-condensation and anti-mould coating. It is latex-based and comprises specific mineral powders which, thanks to their insulating features, keep the surface to which it is applied warmer, eliminating
any thermal bridge.

There is a +5°C difference between a surface treated with 806 CWC and the one treated with a traditional paint. This extra heat also prevent the air from condensing onto the wall, even if there is a relative humidity inside the room (up to 90%), eliminating the formation of condensation and therefore also mould.

Newton 806 CWC Condensation Damp Treatment – Typical Uses:

  • Coat for cold surfaces affected by condensation and mould
  • Can be applied to pillars, reinforced cement walls and non-insulated walls
  • To prevent thermal bridges
  • For internal use only


  • Slightly wet the surface before applying the product
  • Apply a first coat by roller, brush or spray to completely cover the surface with a very thin layer
  • Once the first coat is dry, apply a second one
  • With severe mould and thermal bridges, apply a third coat

View the Newton 806 CWC Product Data Sheet and Application Guide