Newton 603 Tile Membrane - 1m x 30m

Newton 603 Tile Membrane - 1m x 30m

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Newton 603 Tile is a 3mm decoupling mat that isolates the tiled floor surface from cracking or movement in the substrate and relieves compressive stress acting on specific points on the floor.

The dimpled membrane also ventilates the substrate below to equalise vapour pressure.

The fleece surfaces quickly absorb adhesives to provide an exceptional bond to both the substrate below and the tiled floor above.

The material is also elastic and highly impervious to the diffusion of water vapour.

Typical Applications

  • Decoupling of the tiled floor from the substrate below
  • Tiled or paved floors
  • Floor builds that include underfloor heating systems

Size: 1m x 30m = coverage of 30

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