Newton 802-DPM Damp Proof Membrane - 4m x 25m (Code 802)

Newton 802-DPM Damp Proof Membrane - 4m x 25m (Code 802)

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​​​BBA certified, 100% recycled, 1200 gauge damp proof membrane for use below concrete floors or screeds where no groundwater pressure is expected. Newton 802-DPM is compatible with all common building materials, and suitable for numerous applications as a DPM, vapour barrier, or as a slip membrane, screeding membrane or curing membrane.


  • Easy to install as a loose-laid membrane
  • Resistant to elongation and tearing
  • Highly resistant to water vapour
  • Chemically inert (not affected by acids or alkalis in the ground)
  • Suitable for most common floor constructions
  • Quick and easy to join
  • Range of accessories for detailing around pipes, columns and other protrusions
  • 100% recycled

Typical Applications:

  • Loose-laid DPM below ground-bearing concrete slabs and rafts
  • Vapour barrier
  • Slip membrane between screeds and floors
  • Screeding membrane above insulation
  • Curing membrane below and above concrete slabs and rafts

Size: 4m x 25m (100m²)

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Further Information:

Newton 802-DPM Data Sheet and Technical Documents (opens in a new window).