Newton 807 BKK Eco Water Repellent Coating

Newton 807 BKK Eco Water Repellent Coating

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Newton 807 BKK eco is a transparent colourless wall coating, water and siloxane based, ideal to protect porous walls of various substrates from wind driven rain. After treatment, the wall is deeply impervious to water ingress and so better protected against frost damage. The treated wall will continue to dry and vapour drive is not effected due to the coating being very vapour permeable.

The resultant dry wall is much more thermally efficient and will save on heating bills also. Having a low molecular weight, Newton 807 BKK ecopenetrates deeply into the substrate creating an invisible deep layer of protection that is extremely stable to lime and very permeable to water vapour.


  • DIY Solution – easy and quick to apply
  • Very cost effective
  • Long lasting water repellency
  • Increased thermal efficiency of the wall
  • Permeable to water vapour
  • High resistance to weathering and UV
  • Does not alter the colour of the wall finish
  • Prevents surface efflorescences and moulds
  • Solvent free, non-toxic and odourless
  • Non-flammable – No VOCs

Typical Applications

  • Preventing wind-driven rain ingress to north facing or exposed elevations
  • Lime rendered walls
  • Preventing moisture getting to insulation within cavity walls
  • Water repellent treatment of walls and exposed bricks, natural stone or non-glazed ceramic
  • Improving the thermal performance of all wall types

View the 807 BKK eco Product Data Sheet