Newton 809-337.5 DPC

Newton 809-337.5 DPC

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Newton 809-DPC is a high-performance polymeric DPC which will not extrude under load, up to the point of compressive failure of the wall. It will also not adversely affect the ability of a properly designed and built wall to sustain and transmit compression.

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Will not deform or extrude under high compressive loads
  • Complete system includes cloaks and accessories
  • Flexible at low temperatures
  • Resistant to and shrinkage
  • Effective barrier to water and water vapour
  • Bond of Newton 809-DPC is greater than the bond between mortar and brick

Packaging: Roll size 20 m x 0.337 m

Area: 6.74m²

Further Information: View the Newton 809-DPC Data Sheet (opens in a new window)